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  • What Did You Say?

    What Did You Say?

    During this time of year, most of us take time to reflect upon where we are in life. We compare ourselves to our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc...and most of the time we are not satisfied with the results. The contentment we are looking for seems so elusive, in it’s place are frustration, anger, doubt, worry, and fear. Good or bad we, live the life we deserve. John Wooden, perhaps the best basketball coach of all time, said it best, "Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but what you should have accomplished with your ability.” We are all guilty of compromising and settling for less than what is best for us: eating fast food, buying crap we ....

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  • Quitters


    “Mo-ooom, I don’t want to go to Martial Arts today!” Many parents have heard this from their child before. Maybe it is even a daily struggle to get them to go to and participate in class. I began training at a very young age, and I have made this same plea to my own parents in the past. And I am extremely thankful that they chose to ignore my whines and complaints and took me to class anyway, because every single time, once I got to class, I loved every minute of it. I think it is safe to say that your child is experiencing many of the same feelings, or something similar. I understand, as do my parents, that it would be much, much easier just to give in and allow your ....

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  • Let Them Struggle

    Let Them Struggle

    I have had the privilege of teaching martial arts for nearly twenty years. In those two decades, many of the children I have taught and continue to teach have special needs. Some of my students are blind, deaf, missing arms or legs. I have taught children with cerebral palsy, autism, and down’s syndrome. Martial arts teaches students to overcome obstacles, which make special needs students some of the best students to work with! My special needs students are among the most rewarding students I have had the honor to teach. The parents however, are another story. Many times, parents sabotage their child’s success. It’s so painful for them to watch their child struggle ....

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  • It's Not My Black Belt

    It's Not My Black Belt

    Black Belt...Earning this title is the primary focus and objective for many martial artists worldwide. They want the skill, the recognition; to see their name up in lights, if you will. There are many schools that facilitate this way of thinking, some that even encourage it! They allow you to pay them more money in order to do less work to get there. Problem is, when a student has this mindset, Black Belt becomes nothing more than an expensive piece of fabric. All of the students in the Pride family share a common goal: to develop the characteristics of a winner while working towards earning their Black Belt. Perseverance is a crucial part of this process. With it, short-term failure ....

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  • Our Creed

    Our Creed

    A few years ago I was tasked with a challenge. Our school was using a creed that someone else wrote. The creed was great. It had power behind it, but it wasn’t mine. A mentor in the martial arts challenged me to write my own creed. He explained it would better reflect my beliefs and mission I have for my students. After two years of researching, soul searching, and studying the creeds of other great organizations, I finally was able to write a creed that best reflects the Core Beliefs we hold at Pride Mixed Martial Arts. I am a Warrior I am a Champion I am Strong I Choose to Live my Life with Purpose, Conviction, and Courage I Lead by Example for Others to Follow ....

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  • Think Before You Ask

    Think Before You Ask

    You have no doubt heard the phrase: “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” But if you were to be honest with yourself, you will recognize that stupid questions are not a myth. The sad truth is that they are very real. And to make things worse, chances are that you ask, or are asked, a stupid question every day. These questions come in many shapes and sizes. Most are just a simple lapse of brain activity, such as asking what time it is while having direct access to a clock, or asking someone a question that you already know the answer to. These can be easily corrected by simply formulating a complete thought before allowing words to exit your mouth. Other, more ....

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  • The Why!?!?!

    The Why!?!?!

    Pursuing any worthwhile goal requires perseverance. You will face obstacles and challenges, that if not you’re not properly prepared, will force you to give up on your goal. When things get difficult, most people give up, or worse, they lower their standards and expectations. How is perseverance developed? You may find the answer surprising. The answer is in the WHY. I remember a story I heard a few years ago about a wolf chasing a rabbit. A farmer was sitting on his front porch with his grandson. They saw in the field a rabbit being chased by a wolf. The grandson asked, “Do you think the wolf will catch the rabbit?” The grandfather answered, “The ....

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  • Mind of Matter

    Mind of Matter

    Most of you have probably heard the term “Mind over Matter”, but does it really mean anything to you personally? As a martial artist, it should mean everything. A lot of times we have no control over our circumstances, but the one thing we have control over is how we perceive ourselves in those situations. Do we see ourselves as champions, overcomers, and warriors? Or do we see ourselves as being defeated before we begin? In any circumstance, whether it be school, work, martial arts, competition, or even a personal protection situation, the way we see ourselves determines the outcome. Think of this, for example. You’ve had a long day. You’ve been up since 6 AM ....

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  • 4 Pillars of a Pride Martial Artist

    4 Pillars of a Pride Martial Artist

    A lot of places teach martial arts...butwhat makes training at Pride Mixed Martial Arts different? There are many benefits Icould list, but I will narrow it down to the top four. These are OUR pillars of training and development. Self-Esteem
    is satisfaction with oneself. It is appreciating the gifts and talents given to every individual, but especially you. Self-esteem is not automatic. Self-esteem must be built in a supportive, challenging environment. Through the process of learning new skills; setting and achieving new goals, we begin to appreciate our personal value. As each student's appreciation for their own gifts and talents grows, so does their self-esteem. This ....

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  • The REAL benefits of training at Pride MMA

    The REAL benefits of training at Pride MMA

    One of the first questions often asked by those inquiring into the Martial Arts is “How long does it take to get a black belt?” Not earn one, but get one. This is one of the most often asked questions of martial artists and a perfect example of the difference in a karate student and a Martial Artist. Non-martial artists have so many misconceptions about what a black belt is that it gives new students unrealistic expectations. I used to think that a black belt meant you mastered the art. Mr. Epps taught me that a black belt is a master of the basics – and even that is to the individual’s ability. But there is a standard. And the standard combined with the ....

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