Goal setting, when done correctly, is a powerful process that allows you choose the course and destination of your life.

In my early years as a teacher and coach, I struggled with my student’s and athlete’s ability (or inability) to set and achieve their goals.  So, I researched..studied…and got some help from those that knew better than I.

That’s how I came up with G3.  

It stands for GOAL – GAMEPLAN – GO FOR IT

I know it’s super-cheesy..but it’s simple, direct, and easy to learn.

At it’s core it is identifying your ideal future, developing a game plan to great there, and taking action until that future becomes reality. 

G1: Goal

By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to focus your efforts and how to identify distractions that can steer you off course.

In 1981, George Doran developed the concept of SMART goals.  It is a mnemonic that stands for:

S – Specific (or Significant).

M – Measurable (or Meaningful).

A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented).

R – Relevant (or Rewarding).

T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

It’s not enough to say you want to lose weight or I want to save more money.  Instead, I want to lose 20 pounds by March 1st or I want to save $100 every paycheck until I have my emergency fund built up.

Here are some guidelines when outlining your goals:

Write Them Down – This gives them more power.  Review them daily.  Let’s be honest here- if you’re not willing to write them down, you’re not gonna be willing to do the work necessary to achieve your goals anyway.

Be Specific – Set precise goals, include dates, times and amounts, etc..(Remember goals must be measurable).

Prioritize – When you have several goals, give each a priority. This helps you avoid getting overwhelmed by directing your attention to the goal(s) that are most important.

Be Realistic – It’s important to set goals that are achievable…by you.  It’s ok to dream big.  Don’t waste precious time and resources fighting for the impossible.  Shoot for the stars, but be realistic…no matter how hard I try, I’m not gonna play in the NBA next year!

Research the Cost – It’s possible to set goals that are unrealistic because you might not appreciate the obstacles in the way, or understand quite how much skill or resources you’ll need to develop to achieve it.  

Set YOUR Goals – Your parents, friends, employer, even your spouse can set unrealistic or unwanted goals for you. They will often do this in ignorance of your own desires and ambitions or out of fear and uncertainty (More on this later).

Stay tuned for Part 2…

Thanks for Reading,

Coach Epps

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