Now that you have your Goals from G1

The second part of the G3 process is developing your Gameplan or plan of action.  A goal without an action plan is doomed to fail.

Research is paramount in developing an effective plan of action.  Do your homework.  The majority of your goal setting, should be spent on researching what exactly it’s going to take to achieve it.  

Here are a some key points to ask yourself:


Do I have the resources necessary to accomplish my goals.  What resources will I need?  Do I have those resources and how do I get them?  Your two biggest resources will always be simple time and money. 


Do I need any special training?  How and where can I get the training required?  How long will it take? 

Timelines and deadlines: 

What are my timelines and deadlines to achieve these goals?  These must be weighed in along with the other factors listed above…sometimes timelines won’t work with your deadline and you must be flexible.

Example: You may want to be a nurse, but nursing school is only offered once a year and they only take so many people.  What if you’re not selected?


What obstacles and challenges will I face?  How do I deal with them?  Can I avoid them?  You will always have obstacles.  You must anticipate everything that could go wrong and plan as if it will!

The Real Cost:

What will this really cost me?  Not just in time, money, and other resources, but what else must I give up to achieve this goal?  You might have too sacrifice sleep, your weekly golf game, time with family…What will I have to give up

Pursuing worthwhile goals will always cost you something.  Sometimes you have to say, “No.” to some good goals in order to say, “Yes.” to better goals.  

Now What?

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to put the Gameplan together.

  1. Compile a list of all the resources and/or training needed to achieve your goal.
  2. Break your goal down into a series of action steps needed to complete your goal.  
  3. Create milestones to check your progress.
  4. Take action!

Stay tuned for Part 3…

Thanks for Reading,

Coach Epps

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