Pride Mixed Martial Arts - What Do I DoI often get asked, “What I do for a living?”

When I first started coaching and teaching martial arts I would respond with, “Kickboxing” or “Muay Thai.”

Then a good friend and mentor of mine, Dr. John Hall told me to quit saying that!

He said, “You do so much more than simply teach people how to kick and punch.”  

Dr. Hall went on to explain, Every class I watch you teach, I don’t just see kids learning martial arts..I see them learning:

How to be confident-

How to look people in the eye when speaking to them.

How to shake hands and introduce themselves.

How to speak and perform in front of group of people.

How to ask questions.

How to be respectful to others-

Not to speak when others are speaking.

How to say you’re sorry when you mess up

To give help to others who need it.

How to be a good friend.

How to respect themselves-

Mistakes are necessary for growth.

How to win with humility. 

How to lose with dignity.

Failing doesn’t make you a failure- quitting does.

To set and achieve goals-

To push past fears and obstacles

No one makes it alone- it’s ok to ask for help

Sometimes your best isn’t good enough so keep working

To be patient- especially with yourself.

Making excuses is unacceptable.

I couldn’t argue.  

Dr. Hall was right.  Martial Arts is so much more than being able to punch or kick.  

It is about being the best version of yourself.  

Now, when you ask me what I do for a living.  

I respond with, “I build leaders!”

Thanks, Dr. Hall

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