So, you want to win. You want to destroy your opponents and claim victory. You want a gold medal, or a trophy, or a championship belt, and no one is going to get in your way! But the fight is today. The preparation is past. Are you going to be victorious? 

Here are the three reasons that you don’t win a fight the day of the fight.

1. You win on the Grind, not in the Ring.
You and your opponent have had the same amount of time to prepare for this fight. It’s what you do with that time that determines your success or failure. He should have a huge target on his back. You have to think about what they are doing, every second of every day. Let those thoughts fuel your training. Are you doing enough bag rounds? Did you run enough sprints? Are you sparring every chance you get? What about your push ups? This is fuel for the grind you have to go through every day to achieve victory.

2. You are a winner (or a loser) every day.
Every day you step into the gym, YOU decide if you train like a winner. Every day you choose not to step in the gym, you are NOT choosing to win. Every choice, every day, every second can make or break you. That greasy, delicious cheeseburger you had for lunch: is that the choice of a winner or a loser? If seen through the right perspective, these choices become easy. Simply ask yourself: Will it help you attain your goal of victory, or will it lead to defeat? 

3. You must train to defeat yourself, not your opponent.
The most common misconception about competing (especially in the martial arts) is that it is about beating “the other guy.” While this is certainly a part of it, it must be an afterthought when compared to beating yourself. After all, who decides if you win or lose? A stranger? Or YOU? The only way I can improve myself and become better is to blame myself for my losses, and analyze my victories. I must recognize that only I can hold myself back, and only I can choose to win.

These are the top three reasons that you might lose a fight before it even begins. When do you decide to win? Right now! Use these to help plan, prepare, and train for your next competition!

See you on the mat,
Coach Monkey

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