Humans are a unique and interesting kind of creature. They champion both conformity and individuality. Teamwork and self-reliance. Independence and codependence. These seemingly opposing concepts are equally a part of our nature, and guide the very way we function as a species.  So how is this possible?

There is an important value that ties these things together and allows humankind to be successful. This value is Loyalty. Loyalty gives us the ability to come together, and work towards a common goal. Humans, for all of our existence, have been the most successful when we work in packs. Whether we are hunting, farming, building, renovating, brainstorming, inventing- everything is a team effort. Those who turn against, or stray from their groups, are lost.  However, in every group individuality is important. Every member must have different sets of skills and attributes that contribute to the group as a whole. 

Loyalty is found when your personal identity is congruent with the group you are a part of. If that is not the case, then maybe it is time to find a new group. One that you can identify with, remain loyal to, and reach a common goal with. Some people are part of a group that does not share the same vision. Neither the group, not this person is benefited by this situation. Some people believe they don’t need a group of like-minded individuals. This person is willingly limiting himself, and will not last long in the real world. But those who are truly effective find the group with a consistent goal, that lines up with their own, and remain actively loyal until that goal changes or is achieved.

Before you make the decision of Loyalty, make the decision of who you are loyal to.

See you on the mat,

Coach Monkey

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