Our word of the month for November is Compassion: Investing whatever is necessary in order to heal the hurts of others. Many people confuse compassion for feeling bad when someone is hurt. If that was all there was to it, this would be an easy character quality to master! However, simply feeling sympathetic towards someone is only the beginning. True compassion takes this a step further. It challenges you to DO something about it.

Friends are an excellent example of the effects compassion can have. When something bad happens to you, many of your friends will feel bad about your situation. They might ask you about it, talk about it amongst themselves, or “wish” they could help. But when it comes down to it, they really don’t want to spend the time and energy to help you. However, the friends that are worth keeping, they will be the ones who are the first to offer their help when they see that you are hurting. They won’t let up until they know that you are healed. They will be by your side as soon as things get rough! They are willing to invest whatever it takes to heal your pain.

I challenge you to become that kind of friend! Take the time to write that letter that needs to be written. Pick up the phone and call that person you know is suffering. Make the time to visit that person in the hospital. Someone needs to hear from you. Someone needs your touch. Will you be that friend?

See you on the mat,

Coach Epps

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