We talk about having a black belt mindset, but having a white belt mindset is a good thing too.

I love white belts. They are so eager to learn, so eager to get started. It’s easy to mold them. They are typically not filled with excuses on what they have already done and tried and what won’t work. They just empty their minds and listen to your instruction.

Are you a black belt? Have you ever chose to start a new discipline and chose to wear a white belt?

It’s a beautiful experience to strip away your ego. Empty your expectations. Empty your mind. Be ready and willing to learn something new.

Some black belts may think they know it all. So they listen to every new idea with skepticism. Their ego will get in their way of their own progress. Instead of instantly considering a new viewpoint, they will first start to pick it apart as to why it won’t work for them.

They make excuses and give up or refuse to start in the first place.

But not white belts. They just listen. And do what you say. They are “coachable.”

Are you coachable?

I invite you to consider being a white belt more often.

Find a few mentors/teachers. Listen like a white belt, implement quickly, practice and perform repetition until you succeed, then keep your new skills as a part of your daily life.

Crush this week!

Ron Sell

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