A few years ago I was tasked with a challenge.  Our school was using a creed that someone else wrote.  The creed was great.  It had power behind it, but it wasn’t mine.  A mentor in the martial arts challenged me to write my own creed.  He explained it would better reflect my beliefs and mission I have for my students.

After two years of researching, soul searching, and studying the creeds of other great organizations, I finally was able to write a creed that best reflects the Core Beliefs we hold at Pride Mixed Martial Arts.

I am a Warrior

I am a Champion

I am Strong

I Choose to Live my Life with Purpose, Conviction, and Courage

I Lead by Example for Others to Follow

Uncompromising Integrity is my Standard

My Character and Honor are Steadfast

My Word is my Bond.

My Resolve is Unyielding

I Persevere and Thrive on Adversity

Fear and Weakness have No Place in my Heart

Defeat is Not in my Creed

My Belt is a Symbol of Commitment to my Goals

It Embodies My Dedication to the Pursuit of Excellence

I Wear it with Pride and Honor

I am a Warrior

I am a Champion

I am Strong

See you on the mat,

Coach Epps

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Pride Mixed Martial Arts, Edmond, Oklahoma

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