First TBA-SA Youth Scrimmage was a huge success! This weekend the TBA-SA (Thai Boxing Association Sanctioning Authority) held it’s first Youth Muay Thai Scrimmage in Oklahoma City.  Fifty youth athletes from Texas and Oklahoma came together to test themselves and grow in the sport they love.  

Muay Thai will soon become an Olympic sport and the TBA-SA is committed to preparing America’s youth athletes to be able to compete on the global stage.  

Scrimmages offers a revolutionary approach to athlete development.  Focusing on the technical scoring aspects of the sport, athletes are graded on their performance and given report cards at the end of the bout.  The report cards give instant feedback on how athletes can improve, setting a strong foundation for them to excel at higher levels of competition. 

Technical Sparring scrimmages offer youth athletes opportunities to grow and improve in a safe environment.  Athletes start with light. Contact (no KO’s) and can move up to more competitive and full contact bouts as their skills improve.

Technical Sparring Scrimmages also allows officials opportunities to improve and grow.  

Pete Peterson, head of TBA-SA works tirelessly traveling the country teaching courses on reffing and judging Muay Thai.  The opportunities that scrimmages provide for up and coming officials to get experience is powerful.  

Hosted by Pride Mixed Martial Arts of Edmond, it was the perfect venue for the first TBA-SA Youth Scrimmage.  With plenty of space and plenty of seating, the 125+ bouts went flawlessly!

TBA-SA and Pride Mixed Martial Arts would like to thank all the athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers that helped make this event special!

Pride Mixed Martial Arts, Edmond, Oklahoma

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