Have you ever had a conversation that imprints itself on your soul, guiding your decisions and actions from that moment on? That’s exactly what happened to me during one of Tuhon Harley Elmore’s talks about being more capable. Amidst his insights and anecdotes, Tuhon Harley posed a thought-provoking question: “Why play a badass avatar when you could spend the same amount of time training to become one?” It wasn’t just a fleeting comment; it was a profound challenge, beckoning us to rise and realize our potential.

Now, Tuhon Harley wasn’t dismissing the joys of gaming or those epic moments you share with your team online. Instead, he was prompting a deeper reflection: where are we directing our time and energy? For young men like us, carving out our identity and place in the world, this piece of wisdom was a call to action.

Think about it. What if, instead of hours lost in a virtual realm, we invested that dedication into developing ourselves? And I don’t mean just in the sense of martial arts or physical fitness, but becoming more knowledgeable, adept, and critically, more capable in the tangible world.

We’re in an era where it’s all too easy to immerse ourselves in endless digital worlds, meticulously crafting avatars and virtual legacies. Yet, Tuhon Harley’s words serve as a reminder of the boundless potential we possess in our own tangible reality. While the adrenaline rush of online triumphs is alluring, it pales in comparison to the pride and sense of capability gained from overcoming real-life challenges.

So, the next time you’re on the brink of dedicating another evening to your digital alter ego, take a moment to reflect. Consider heeding Tuhon Harley’s advice and spend that time becoming the very hero you’ve admired in pixels and bytes.

Pride Mixed Martial Arts, Edmond, Oklahoma

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