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Turn your Fear into Fuel & Take Charge of Your Life


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Women’s Self Defense Bootcamp


is not the Absence of fear…


It’s Overcoming it

How much different would your world be if you had been taught as a child how to trust your instincts, spot and avoid danger, de-escalate, and when necessary how to defend yourself?

There are two types of fear: Fears that hold you up (legitimate fear) and Fears that hold you back (imagined fear).

Fear, whether real or imagined, impacts every aspect of our lives. It influences who we talk to, who we marry, where we work, where we live, and it determines if we defend ourselves- or not.

Your ability to recognize, and manage fear directly impacts the quality of your life.

Remember, there’s no such a thing as “no fear”, but there is a way to get to “know fear” and that’s to accept it, face it, fight it by learning to use it as both a signal and a fuel.

Our Fierce & Fearless Bootcamp helps women turn their Fear into Fuel in the most critical moments.

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Fierce & Fearless is not a traditional martial arts program or the typical “self-defense” class. Our training is specifically designed to address all three areas of personal protection: Physical, Mental, and Emotional.

The ability to control one’s emotions is the single most important variable in any situation. When violence is eminent, your ability to defend yourself is greatly affected by your ability to control your emotions. We place a premium on understanding the mental and emotional dynamic inherent to all conflict. Our training progression is designed to develop mental toughness and harden emotional resolve.


Fierce & Fearless was created to bring students to a high level of proficiency in a relatively short period of time. Instead of teaching a set of specific techniques that may or may not fit an individual, we teach a progression of concepts and principles that can adapt to the individual or situation.

Boot Camp Classes will address many topics will be including:

✓ Understanding the Predation Cycle: How predators select victims

✓ How to Predict Dangerous Behavior and How to respond

✓ Managing Unknown Contacts: Recognizing danger signals from strangers

✓ How to rely on you intuition: Separating real from imagined danger

✓ Managing Fear: Dealing with the emotional & physiological stress of an altercation.

Our classes will teach you how to deal with the most common acts of aggression including: punches, chokes, headlocks and grabs, as well as defenses against and assailants armed with firearms, edged and impact weapons.

PRIDE MARTIAL ARTS, Edmond, Oklahoma - Fierce and Fearless Bootcamp

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“Coach Jessi presents real-world situations and gives you easy-to-understand ways to protect yourself and your ‘tribe’. She’s passionate about equipping you to defend yourself and educating you as to how to recognize and avoid potentially bad situations in the first place. Highly Recommend!!”
Debbie H.

“Coach Jesse is an amazing coach! I learned so much from her! Her classes are very informative! She gives great examples of how women need to be aware of their surroundings and how to defend yourself in any situation. She is definitely empowering women to be strongerand more confident!”
Kriscinda S.

“I attended Coach Jesse’s women’s Personal Protection Program a year and a half ago. The lessons I learned still echo to this day. From empowering ourselves to fight against the numberone killer of women, (heart disease), to constantly thinking smart so that we avoid puttingourselves in potentially dangerous situations, to finding the voice and courage to scream outloud and fight when you need to. I want all of the women I know, to go and learn these lessons for themselves!”
Angela B.

“Coach Jesse’s workshop was exactly what I was looking for! It was comprehensive and realistic, with information and techniques that are applicable to any woman, regardless of size orstrength. From talking about how to increase our awareness and avoiding danger, to teaching us how to handle different verbal and physical attacks with simple, reliable techniques, it waseye opening, fun and empowering!”
Megan B.

“What a great training this was. Not only did I go but had my daughters go as well as my female employees. She taught and demonstrated to all of us that it is ok to stand up for yourself in allsituations and to not be afraid to yell out for help and defend yourself. So many times as women we won’t do this but she taught to take control and be ready for any situation. What a greatclass!”
Kari C.

“After attending a Personal Protection Workshop with Coach Jesse Cargill, I was inspired to not only be more aware of protecting myself and my family, but also physically ready. After only a year of training, I feel stronger and more confident today than ever and I am having a great time learning some really awesome skills. I just wish I would have started years ago.”
Janna B.

“The training has given me confidence in my abilities to handle a situation if necessary. The confidence that when I do have to go out I give off the impression of not being an easy target. I’m more aware of my surroundings and make sure I stay safe along with keeping my child safe with when he’s with me.”
Lauren R.


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