THE WHY!?!?!

THE WHY!?!?!

Pursuing any worthwhile goal requires perseverance.  You will face obstacles and challenges, that if not you’re not properly prepared, will force you to give up on your goal.  When things get difficult, most people give up, or worse, they lower their standards and expectations.

How is perseverance developed?  You may find the answer surprising.  The answer is in the WHY.  I remember a story I heard a few years ago about a wolf chasing a rabbit.

A farmer was sitting on his front porch with his grandson.  They saw in the field a rabbit being chased by a wolf.

The grandson asked, “Do you think the wolf will catch the rabbit?”

The grandfather answered, “The rabbit will get away.”

Sure enough after two or three minutes of chasing the rabbit all over the field, the wolf grew tired and gave up.

“How did you know the rabbit would get away?”

The grandfather answered,”The wolf was running for his lunch, the rabbit was running for his life!”

If your goal isn’t important enough, then you will not persevere.  The WHY has to be bigger than the obstacles you will face.  Most people set out with great intentions, but their goals aren’t as important to them as they think.  Why do so many people quit their fitness programs, go into debt, change their major, or get divorced?  Their, WHY wasn’t bigger than their obstacles.

See you on the mat,

Coach Epps

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