If you have been on a plane, you have heard the monologue.  “In case of emergency, the oxygen masks will deploy overhead. Put your own mask on first, before assisting the person next to you.” 

The reason for this is quite obvious.  If you don’t put your own mask on first, you may run out of time to put it on after helping someone else. What you may not have realized, however, is that this concept can be applied to every day life.

If you are unable to protect yourself, you will fail in protecting your family. 

If you are unable to put on your own oxygen mask, you will be unable to help others who cannot.  If you choose not to put on your mask, you willingly limit your effectiveness in helping those who need it.  As a leader, other people need to be able to rely on you.  Your friends, family, or tribe could call on you for help. They could need your money, time, support, prayer, or protection. But here is where you find the potential to fail as a leader.  If you have spent all of your money, or don’t have a job, you cannot provide money to a friend in need.  If your life is a mess, you cannot give counsel to your tribe.  If you are unable to protect yourself, you will fail in protecting your family.  You may have the heart to lead, but if you have chosen not to be Self-Reliant, you have crippled your leadership ability.

Find what is limiting your leadership ability, and eliminate that weakness. 

I must evaluate my status every day to determine where I am failing as a leader.  The drive to effectively provide for my friends and family pushes me to excellence.  All too often I see people say “I wish I could help” or “I wish I could do more for them.”  What is stopping you from helping?  What is holding you back from doing more? More than likely you are your own worst enemy.  Find what is limiting your leadership ability, and eliminate that weakness.  Put your own mask on first, then you can help those in need.

See you on the mat,

Coach Monkey

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