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Sayoc Kali is an edged weapon based style of Filipino Martial Arts. It is a family system, headed by Christopher Sayoc, Sr.. The motto of the style is, “All Blade, All the Time”.

The Sayoc family lineage links back to General Licerio Topacio, of Cavite. General Topacio was the military engineer of the Katipunan secret society. Known to be amongst the first Katipunan members to urge Supremo Andres Bonifacio to wage a revolution against Spain. [1]

Sayoc Kali is taught as part of the more general Sayoc Fighting System, which includes sword, stick, tomahawk, karambit and whip. Sayoc Kali emphasizes the use of the blade. It includes techniques for single knife, multiple knives, projectiles, and secondary support to firearms. Empty hand training is under the Sayoc Silak curriculum.

Sayoc Kali presents itself as an evolving system. The Sayoc family hosted a number of Filipino Martial Arts masters who travelled to the east coast of the United States during the 1970s and learned Filipino Martial Arts from them. Interaction and training from these Filipino Martial Arts masters gave the Sayoc family the idea of creating Sayoc Kali.

Guro Dan Inosanto calls Sayoc Kali, “A highly evolved Filipino Martial Art”.

Sayoc Tactical Group is Sayoc Kali’s military and law enforcement division.

Sayoc Combat Choreography represents Sayoc Kali’s entertainment and film division. SCC has choreographed fight scenes for films such as The Hunted and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Sayoc Silak is the non-edged weapon curriculum.

Sayoc Kali is headed by Christopher Sayoc, Sr. His father, former corrections officer and head of the Sayoc system Baltazar “Bo” Sayoc, retired from full time martial arts teaching in the late 90’s. Tatang Bo Sayoc died on January 2007. Master Level Sayoc instructors with over twenty years experience respectively are Roberto Torres, Felix Cortes, Raymond Dionaldo, Rafael Kayanan, Ricardo Kayanan and Thomas Kier.

Many Sayoc instructors also have respective systems of their own encompassing a wide range of influences, disciplines and arts.

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