What is best in life?

In the epic words of Conan: “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women”, right? Lets skip that last part, (for now) and focus on the first phrase. As a student of martial arts, and combat in general, I can tell you that there is nothing greater than a crushing victory. However, is that truly the best thing life has to offer? Honestly? YES. Here’s the reason why:

You may run and hide. When you do this, you allow your enemies to destroy your life. 

What are we truly fighting every day? For a small percentage of us, it really might be another person who wants to do us harm. But the far more common enemies are far more numerous and deadly. Fear. Laziness. Hopelessness. Fatigue. Anger. Weakness. These are the foes that will destroy you from the inside out. You are on the front lines, soldier. And you have a choice.

You may fight with discipline, and win. If you truly want to crush your enemies, you must train. 

You may run and hide. When you do this, you allow your enemies to destroy your life. The things that you love and the person you aspire to be will be lost, and it will be very hard to recover from this.

You may fight, and lose. Many times people start off with the best of intentions, only to go into battle without any training. They are completely unprepared for the fight ahead, and in the end they will most likely lose the battle.

You may fight with discipline, and win. If you truly want to crush your enemies, you must train. If that enemy was another person, you would start by developing discipline. You would wake up early, study your enemy, put time in to developing a strategy, and work to be physically ready. Somehow people think that when you are fighting yourself that all of this changes. They are very wrong. You are your own worst enemy, and the fear? The laziness? The things that hold you back? They are what will defeat you if you are not prepared.

You must work harder to defeat yourself than any other opponent. You must train daily, with discipline. And you must make the choice to never run: never accept defeat.
Coach Monkey

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